Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

‘Alcohol not conducive to Simchat Torah’ - Ynetnews

Orthodox Union warns against serving alcohol to teenagers during Simchat Torah celebrations

Ynetnews - Published: 10.01.07, 19:37 / Israel Jewish Scene

The Orthodox Union in America has called on its synagogues to make sure that teenagers are not served alcohol during Simchat Torah celebrations later this week.

The holiday, which falls on Thursday night in the Diaspora, marks the end of the annual Torah cycle and the beginning of the next cycle, and features dancing with the Torah scrolls in a celebration that often includes alcohol.

"The reality is that no one should overindulge in alcohol on Simchat Torah, as it is not conducive to the spirit of the day. Even adults should be careful that their celebrations do not go counter to the appropriate decorum of our synagogues,” the OU's executive vice president, Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb wrote in a letter to rabbis and presidents of OU synagogues. more

The best Sukkot weekend evuh!

Perfect weather, sunny, warm clear! We served Shabbos dinner for eighteen Friday night, Persian lamb stew. We dwelled and studied Torah on Shabbos morn. we partied in our Sukkah Motzi Shabbos. We dwelled in the Sukkot of dear friends. In the image above, Sharon delights in the Sukkah of our friends the Ohringers.