Thursday, November 17, 2011

Democrats see minefield in Occupy protests - CBS News

"The Occupy movement is rooted in the idea that the political system is broken to such a degree that we can no longer work through the Republican or Democratic parties,"

Democrats see minefield in Occupy protests - CBS News

The Wall Street Occupennial!

The Occupennial Art Database is an archive and clearinghouse for Occupy Wall Street art and actions, founded as a working group of the Arts and Culture Committee. They are looking for creative artists of all stripes to display projects and volunteers to help manage. Check it out at

Click here for Sharon's contribution.

Cartoon Movement coverage!

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Occupy Sketchbook

Over the last two months, the Occupy movement has captured worldwide attention. Cartoonists have been on the scene sketching, reporting, and participating. So we asked some of our contributors to share their drawings. Susie Cagle, Sharon Rosenzweig, and Shannon Wheeler bring us sketches from Oakland, Chicago, and New York respectively. We'll have another batch from different cities next week.

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OpEdNews - Article: Chicago Comedian and Political Cartoonist: Their Take on Occupy Movement

Click here for Joan Brunwasser's interview with Sharon and Aaron. 11/11/11.

Sharon and Aaron at Occupy Shabbat, with custom made challah, shared with the folks at Occupy Chicago.